Personal Services

IBG Pay card

Through a single account application with a few of your documents, it promises 

to make the payment quick and secure money transfers with excellent rates.

We are trustable partner

Transfer service is regulated and licensed, and we are globally cooperating with financial offices and organizations.

Privacy and secure your funds

Our security experts with up-to-date secure payment technologies and multiple levels of security to protect your money.

24/7 customer support

It is essential to track the transfer, to make sure it reaches to recipient. We are here to help 24/7.

You have ultimate control

You control your payment success rate as you know your own business better.

IBG Pay card: personal

Our payment gateway combines direct acquiring capabilities, multiple alternative payment methods, mass payments and technological innovation in one unified integration, enabling e-commerce customers to accept and send payments from customers anywhere in the world. Our payment system was developed with modern business in mind. By simplifying the payment process, we aim to make it easy and secure for local businesses and freelancers to do business in international markets.

Getting Paid Just Got Easier

Via another IBG Pay account
IBG Pay helps many individuals and companies receive instant international payments at low prices. We have a wide range of clients such as freelancers or millions of immigrants around the world.

By Bank
You can tell the unique IBAN (International Bank Number) of your IBG Pay account, allowing companies to send funds directly to your account via bank transfer from anywhere in the world, regardless of holidays.

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